WP2 Meeting: Construction and installation of the demos

The first Work Package 2 (WP2) meeting of the LIFE DIMITRA project took place virtually on November 30th with all the involved partners.

The Dipartimento di Biotecnologie – Università di Verona (LabICAB UNIVR) is in charge to coordinate and to supervise all the activities of WP2 in collaboration with National Technical University of Athens, KAFSIS Bio-Industries S.A. Azienda Agricola La Torre and Madisi LTD.

The WP2 has the main goal to provide the technical drawings, to prepare the authorizations and the tender documents for the realization of two pilot plants to valorize agricultural digestate into biobased fertilisers and soil improvers.

The two pilot plants will be realized in Greece and Italy and will exploit two different technological approaches. The one located in Greece will be addressed to the production of ammonium sulphate by the evaporation and the following stripping of the liquid phase of the digestate. The other pilot plant will be realized in Italy and will recover nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium compounds through sequential pressure-driven filtrations.