Biogas serves as a crucial solution in addressing global warming and reducing dependence on non-sustainable energy resources. Despite its environmental benefits, the production of biogas generates significant volumes of digestate as a by-product, primarily utilized as fertilizer in agricultural fields.

However, this practice poses notable environmental challenges, including greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and solid contamination.

In response to these issues, the LIFE DIMITRA is dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of agricultural management practices.

The focus is on valorizing biogas digestate to create higher-value bio-based fertilizers.

LIFE DIMITRA aims to achieve a harmonious synergy of benefits, by pushing the boundaries of the current state-of-the-art in sustainable digestate valorization and management and promoting the diffusion and adoption of low-carbon technologies for biogas digestate.

The outcomes include positive impacts on climate change mitigation, increased crop yields, and enhanced farm profitability.

Through these advancements, LIFE DIMITRA strives to establish a more resilient and environmentally friendly approach to the entire biogas production cycle, aligning with broader goals of sustainable agriculture and resource management.



LIFE DIMITRA is expected to stand as an ambitious and very promising project in promoting climate mitigation in the land sector.

It will significantly contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions because raw digestate storage and application on land will be avoided and mineral fertilisers will be substituted by innovative bio-based fertilisers.

LIFE DIMITRA will demonstrate a transformative impact which will contribute to the shift towards a resource-efficient low carbon economy, producing biobased fertilisers advantageous both in circularity and GHG emissions terms.


Demo Plants

The proposed technological solutions will be demonstrated by the installation of 2 DEMOs in existing and operational AD plants (DEMO1 Greece & DEMO2 Italy).

Digestate shall be transformed to different biobased fertilising formulations and validated and demonstrated at farm level. Business and exploitation plan will be developed preparing market entry of the demonstrated technological solutions.

Detailed technical and financial deployment plans will be established for replicating the systems in the agrowaste sector, whereas the transferability potential in other promising economies (F&B sector) will be assessed.

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