The LIFE DIMITRA concept will be materialised by implementing two demonstration sites in two European countries (Greece, Italy). The integrated technological solutions involve dewatering of raw AD digestate and managing the liquid and solid fraction of AD effluent to produce added value products that can be applied by farmers locally in a zero liquid and waste discharge approach.

The proposed technologies shall be installed and applied at demonstration scale adjacent to existing agricultural waste AD plants. The capacity as well as the long-operating periods of the DEMO plants will ensure the demonstration of technological schemes in industrial-relevant environment, thus validating their techno-economic viability. Experimental procedures have been developed for the both process trains i.e. DEMO1 and DEMO2 by NTUA and UNIVR respectively.

Both systems have been tested at lab and pilot scale, demonstrating the proof of concept using AD digestate as substrate. The compilation of the different components has resulted in two integrated DEMO systems which are described below.