Impact & Expected Results

LIFE DIMITRA is expected to stand as an ambitious and very promising project in promoting climate mitigation in the land sector. It will significantly contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions because raw digestate storage and application on land will be avoided and mineral fertilisers will be substituted by innovative bio-based fertilisers. The latter will ensure improved GHG sequestration due to the stabilization of organic matter and the improvement of carbon to nutrients ratios that are achieved via the application of the proposed technological schemes.

Additionally, LIFE DIMITRA will demonstrate a transformative impact which will contribute to the shift towards a resource-efficient low carbon economy, producing biobased fertilisers advantageous both in circularity and GHG emissions terms. LIFE DIMITRA promotes climate mitigation practices both in agriculture and renewable energy (biogas from biomass) sectors, emerging strong synergies. Apart from GHG emissions and resource efficiency, the proposed technologies are expected to bring savings in water through the recovery of water in digestate.

KEYWORDS: GHG emissions, GHG sequestration, Employment, Energy savings, Resource efficiency, Water efficiency